What an honour to judge at Crufts and I think some of the best dogs I have ever judged.  My top winners were all wonderful representatives of our breed. Some general remarks – type is so very mixed and that made judging for a consistent line-up very challenging!  I know we all have own interpretation of the breed standard but for me the Smooth Collie should be able to do a day’s work.  For that he needs substance which is being neither too cloddy or too fine. He must be elegant – this for me is about balance (correct body proportions) – some were too tall and square.  This sort of dog would tire easily at work because he will not be able to move correctly. Finally, some do not have the desired sweet collie expression that the standard says is so important – eyes that are round, too light, or forward facing are not desirable.  Neither are heads that are too strong and deep through. I hope you will take these comments in the spirit in which they are intended – points to watch out for and improve upon.  I was honoured to receive such a wonderful entry and I’m particularly grateful to those who travelled so far for my opinion. 
Veteran Dog (5,2)
What a quality class to start the day.  Three very typical dogs.

  1. Williams’ Ch Foxearth Forward Thinking for McClelland. Super dog and worthy of his champion title.  Is a good size and very well balanced.  Excellent angulations, good neck, clean head and beautiful expression.  Moved out well.
  2. Russell’s Foxearth Fashion Guru for Koczkodan. Litter brother to 1 and very similar qualities. Beautiful head but not quite the eye of 1. Slightly longer cast but excellent conformation and moved well.
  3. Trundley’s Juniperwood King of Kings. Very typey dog from this kennel. Super construction, very clean head and I managed to get a glimpse of his lovely expression. Not interested in showing off his many virtues and not moving well today.

Puppy Dog (3,0)
A mixed class – all different types.

  1. Howard’s Pesquero Premium Blu from Shandlmain. Very promising b/m puppy who needs more confidence in the ring. A big lad but so very well constructed.  Has great bone and substance and the sweetest of expressions.  His colour is clear.  Not moving brilliantly but I managed to see enough to convince me that he was worthy of this class.
  2. Forbes’ Natalain Star Lord at Willowhurst. Sable dog who lacks the desired length of back at present.  Too square in outline, lacking front angulation and moves with a hackney action as a result. I find his head rather fine and long and hope that it improves as he matures. Well presented.
  3. Lusty’s Blamorder Bubble Gum Chum. Very small tri dog lacking bone and substance and one essential masculine component! His overall balance is correct and he has the most exquisite expression. Moved well and was well presented.

Junior Dog (3.1)

  1. Denton’s Brackenhaye Fields of Gold. Very promising sable who I’m sure will go on to be a top winner. Excellent conformation, correct angulations and length of back.  His head is clean and well balanced. Lovely eye and expression. Excellent movement.
  2. N Star Lord at W

Post Graduate Dog (3,1)
Different types again in this class.

  1. Eke’s Foxearth Flag Day. Really lovely tri dog who still has some maturing to do.  Needs to fill out in body and drop in chest. Very well angulated front and rear and correct length of back.  The cleanest of heads and such a sweet dark eye, ears used well and beautiful expression as a result. Moved out really well.
  2. Norman’s Seanua Signature. Mature sable dog, bigger and squarer in profile than 1.  His front and rear angulations are good but his movement was erratic and he was very wide going away. I find him rather strong in head and his expression rather hard. His eye could be more obliquely set.

Limit Dog (4,0)
Another class where types were very mixed.

  1. French’s Breckamore By Design. Eye catching beautifully coloured b/m who excels in breed type. Has a lovely balance thanks to his correct construction.  Very good shoulders, upper arm and bend of stifle. Correct length of back.  Has a habit of standing with a sloping top line sometimes but I could find no constructional reason for this. Lovely reach of neck. His head is clean with correct stop and well moulded foreface. Really pleasing eye and expression. Ears correctly set and well used.  Moved so well, covering the ground with ease as if he could go all day. Pleased to award him the CC and I understand his title on the day.  Congratulations.
  2. Huchon’s Clingstones at the Top. Took 2nd thanks to his movement which was better than 3.  A big tri dog who is rather short in back and lacking angulation in front and rear. His head is well made but his eye is rather round which spoils his expression.
  3. Hayward’s Foxearth Final Countdown.  Smaller sable dog whose movement let him down today.  His construction is very good, and his head pleasing. Needed to be more settled in the ring.
  4. Czyzak’s Cuba Libre Smooth Drinks

Open Dog (8,1)

  1. Nurmikari & Grohn’s Clingstone’s Lap Dog. A favourite of mine that I made BD when in Finland last year.  Another excelling in breed type; superb construction and balance; excellent angulations, length of back and movement; moved as if he could work all day; lovely reach of neck. His head is very nice but he didn’t have the foreface or eye of the CC winner. He took a very well deserved Res CC – thanks so much for bringing him.
  2. Trundley’s Blamorder Back to the Future.  Very nice b/m dog who is maturing well. Not the front assembly of the class winner and therefore front movement not as reachy. Very lovely b/m colour.  Lovely clean head and sweetest of expressions.
  3. Cole’s Sturtmoor Dream of Kasvelyn. Bigger stamp of s/w who is still needing to mature and develop. Well-constructed and his movement was good.  I find him rather strong in head and plain in expression.
  4. Leach’s Manordeifi Dionysus at Hilltarn

Good Citizen Dog (2,0)

  1. S Dream of K
  2. J King of Kings

Veteran Bitch (5,2)

  1. Tikkanen’s Int/Nord/Balt Ch Timonan Veronica Velvet.  What an honour to judge this bitch.  Thank you for bringing her. My notes say STUNNING!!!! She was so unlucky to meet the eventual CC winner today. Why was she stunning? Well, her whole construction is anatomically perfect; her angulations, length of back and condition mean that she powers round the ring with reach in front and drive behind. In profile she is poetry in motion. She is an ideal size and so feminine. She has a wonderful reach of neck and the best of heads but she is now showing her age (8 years) in her eyes so she lost out on expression to the eventual CC winner and that was all.  The hardest decision of the day for me.  I love her to bits. RCC
  2. Lehtoranta’s CIB/FI Ch Koiruuksien Typy on Tahti. Lovely bitch of excellent breed type.  Excellent conformation and balance. Such fantastic condition for a 9-year-old – her movement is free flowing, covering the ground so easily. Very clean head and expression pleasing but her eye is a little round.
  3. Lusty’s Ch Juniperwood Dream Maker at Blamorder. Different type to 1 and 2 being shorter cast but nevertheless a really well made bitch. Very clean head and lovely expression.  Moved very well.

Puppy Bitch (3,0)
Disappointing class.

  1. Lusty, Williams & Hutchings Blamorder Ice Cream Dream.  The best mover in the class and that was the decider.  Her conformation is good but she needs more bone and substance (yes, I know she’s only 7 months old). Lovely head and very pleasing expression.  Her colour is not great and I hope it clears. BP.
  2. Howard’s Summer Shadows Shandlmain. Complete opposite to 1 – big bitch carrying too much weight which affected her topline and movement. Is very well constructed and despite her size is feminine.  Has a really lovely head and sweet expression. Has all the essentials to do well.
  3. Meacham’s Blamorder Curlywurly Girly. Such a super head and the sweetest of expressions on this tri, but far too fine and lacking in substance for me.  Needs a better front assembly.  Movement too choppy.  Litter sister to 1.  I hope she grows on.

Junior Bitch. (3,0)

  1. Denton’s Brackenhaye Shape O’My Heart. Big tri girl but all in proportion.  Very well angulated and moved really well. Her head is clean but I would prefer a sweeter eye.
  2. Russell’s Breckamore Bittersweet for Koczkodan. Another complete opposite.  Much smaller bitch but again, all in proportion. Well angulated but not quite the movement of 1.  Lovely head type and super expression.
  3. Beeney’s Brackenhaye When We Dance. Litter sister to 1 and similar but not as well angulated. Expression not as pleasing.

Post Grad Bitch (5,0)

  1. French’s Breckamore Blossom. What a lovely bitch.  Will surely gain her title. My notes say ‘Exquisite’. Perfectly balanced with correct angulations and body length and moving with effortless ease. Lovely reach of neck. Her head is so balanced, lovely mouldings and correct stop.  The most beautiful expression thanks to her correctly set, dark almond eyes and well set and used ears. She was not outclassed by the top bitches here today.
  2. Norman &Theobald’s Seanua Softly Softly. Sable, quite different in type to 1 but well constructed and moving easily.  I thought her a little strong in head and eyes a little forward facing which rather marred her expression.
  3. Trundley’s Sturtmoor Klarissant’s Kiss at Juniperwood. Tri with good conformation although could have better front angulation. Her head is clean and well balanced and expression pleasing.
  4. Forbes’ Willowhurst Vanity.
  5. Williams’ Blamorder Just Like Magic.

Limit Bitch (7,1)

  1. Hartley’s Foxearth Finish Spirit at Jimjack. A good class to win. Very feminine tri bitch who is well constructed.  Good angulations fore and aft and correct length of back.  Has a super reach of neck, clean balanced head with a very sweet expression.  Moved very well.
  2. Lusty’s Blamorder Just My Luck.  Well balanced tri bitch with excellent construction. Good angulations and length of back. Good reach of neck and clean head.  I find her expression rather hard. Moved very well.
  3. Sweeney’s Plaisance Blue Belle.  Very pleasing b/m bitch. A little dark in colour.  Very well made, correct angulations, length of back and reach of neck.  Head is clean and expression pleasing.  Moved very well.
  4. Forbes’ Natalain Kilkenny at Willowhurst.
  5. Trundley’s Juniperwood Joyful.

Open Bitch (8,1)

  1. Hayward’s Ch Clingstone’s Hot Shot at Foxearth. Oh my goodness! Unbeaten in the UK to date and I can see why! She must be as close to the breed standard as you can get. She has a perfect balance of correct angulations, length of back, well let down hocks and so her movement is effortless, reaching out in front and driving from behind.  Her gait in profile shows how she covers the ground with ease. She has a good reach of neck and such a lovely head. It is well balanced, her stop is correctly placed, good underjaw, moulded foreface. Her expression is so sweet, enhanced by correctly set, dark almond eyes and framed by well set and used ears. Ideal for size, so feminine and showing her socks off. She was very hard pressed by the veteran bitch winner but it was her expression which won it.  Two of the best Smooths I have ever judged.  I cannot understand why she did not get short listed in the group – her day will surely come.  CC and BOB.
  2. T Veronica Velvet
  3. De Feijter’s Int Ch Gallant Darya Happy Magic Star. A very lovely bitch I have awarded top honours to in Holland and Belgium I believe.  She is very feminine, well-constructed and moves out well. Very well balanced thanks to that conformation and presented so well as always. Lovely head and expression and looking very well in this strong class.
  4. Lehtoranta’s Koiruuksien Meri Tahti
  5. Norman’s Fin/Nor Ch Seanua Serendipity

Good Citizen Bitch (1,0)

  1. Williams’ Blamorder Just Like Magic. Pretty tri bitch who is well constructed and moves well. Has a balanced head and sweet expression but one ear rather light. Super temperament.

Bev White (judge)