The Smooth Collie is a very versatile breed, able to take part in many different types of activity. Due to his intelligence and eagerness to please, he can be trained to do just about anything. As a pastoral breed originally bred to herd sheep or drive livestock to market, the Smooth has a long association with man and even though opportunities to fulfill his original function are these days few and far between, his biddable nature remains and makes him an ideal family pet.

Examples of activities at which he excels are obedience, ability, Therapy, Assistance or PAT dog, heelwork to music, scent work, search and rescue, rally, working trials, herding and not forgetting sofa surfing!

For more information about how to get involved in different activities, please visit the Rough and Smooth Collie Training Association's website where you'll find lots more information.

Search and Rescue (photo by Z Mayerova)

Herding (photo by Beth Watts)


Therapy Dog (photo by Z Mayerova)

Agility (photo by Alan Castle)

Puppy obedience (photo by B Werner)


The Obreedience competition at Crufts is aimed at teams of 4 dogs from the same breed & is composed of two rounds. The first round is heelwork performed together as a group with the main criteria being that dogs and handlers always work as a team performing all moves in unison. Either competitive obedience or rally obedience styles of heelwork are acceptable so long as leads remain loose at all times.

The second round consists of four set exercises including a retrieve, a 'send to bed', commanding the dog to stop, and a scent exercise.

Unlike breed showing no treats can be used in the ring.The Smooth Collie team qualified as the top Pastoral team for this year's final and were placed second by a margin of only one point behind a team of working Labradors.


Thank you to Barbara Loda in Milan for sharing this video of her versatile Smooth Collie Geppi..